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Praise Banku Mix

Praise banku mix is one of the most popular in the US for making banku. This premix flour and ready to cook  product is all natural with no additives.

Preparation and use

Preparation is easy: mix a cupful of the flour with cold water, stir until it's smooth and consistent with no lumps. Put the mixture in the microwave for 3 minutes to cook, remove and stir with your banku pestle. Repeat 1 more and your banku will be ready.

The corn meal which is used to prepare the banku mix is  allowed to ferment a bit, which gives the banku a mildly sour flavor. Banku is usually served with soup, stew or pepper sauce and fish. 

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Banku and grilled tilapia
  • Banku with okro stew
  • Banku with fried fish and pepper


History, social and cultural relevance

Banku is mostly preferred by the people of the Southern Regions of Ghana particularly the Ga tribe but also eaten across the other regions in Ghana. Banku is found throughout Ghana, and is one of the staple foods enjoyed by all tribes in the country.

 Banku originated from the Ewe people in Volta Region. Ewe speakers living in Togo and even parts of Benin also enjoy variations of banku.